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[English 12] - Bài tập tổng hợp cả năm có đáp án - phần 3

Cập nhật: 18/11/2017 | 12:32:12 AM

Casestudy24h gửi các bạn một số bài tập English tổng hợp

E. Đọc bài khóa sau và chọn phương án đúng (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) cho các câu từ 61 đến 70:

  What I love about my job is the variety. I get enquiries (việc điều tra) from people all over the world asking me how they should go about setting up their own website. I’ve been asked about so many subjects - anything from someone wanting to teach people how to throw boomerangs to another people selling paper flowers which they make at home in their spare time.

  Obviously with all the thousands of websites available at the click of a button, you want to create an impression with your website so that it becomes a must-see destination. Not everyone is prepared, however, for the way in which a website can become so popular that it actually has to be closed down.

  When people first set up their websites they probably pay their web advertiser a monthly fee based on the number of hits (visitors) or page impressions their site receives. If they can pay their monthly fee without it costing them too much, that is the best that most people hope for. One guy, Pete Bennett, whom I helped, wanted to set up a one-stop shop to provide decent images of the world’s flags. He’d been fascinated by flags since his boyhood and had no idea that thousands of other people share his passion. Anyway, in one month his web page had over 1.5 million hits. As a result his internet provider trebled (gấp 3) the fee that he was being charged. He wasn’t a rich person and he couldn’t afford to spend that amount of money on a hobby without any benefit to him, so he decided to carry advertising on his site. He found a company which specializes in smaller sites and adverts were added to the pages on his website. So, although he doesn’t make a huge profit, at least his hobby provides him with a small income.

  If you have specialist skills or expertise, it can pay you to sell the products that people want. I helped one woman design a page to advertise the fact that she tells fortunes, based on the information that her clients supply her with. If you want her to tell your fortune, you fill in a questionnaire online -- your age, date of birth, hobbies, interests and so on and for a small fee she e-mails you back your fortune. You can print it out and it looks really good, decorated with moons and stars, your zodiac (hoàng đạo) sign and your birthstone. I tried it myself and although I’m not sure I believe it, my future according to her is positive and exciting. I also found out that for someone born in August, like me, the birthstone is a peridot (đá/ngọc peridot), a pale green stone which I’d never even heard of!

  I also get a fair number of complaints from people e-mailing me to say that they can’t access the website. When they click on the site a message appears on their screen saying ‘An error has occurred in the script (bản chính) on this page’. This usually happens when someone has tried to achieve fancy effects on their website by using programming techniques based on a scripting language. This means that unless they really know what they are doing, whoever designed the site has probably made a mistake in their programming. This is where people like me come in. Most computer instruction guides make things appear quite straightforward, but unless you’re very skilled, you’re likely to run into problems. It’s generally worth getting a professional to help you set up your site in the first place -- otherwise people like me would be out of work. And let’s face it, this is big business.

61. What does Paul Howells enjoy most about his job?

A. Dealing with different people.                         B. His worldwide contacts.   

C. Teaching design skills.                                     D. The range of topics.

62. What does Paul mean by ‘a must-see destination’ in paragraph 2?

A. A website that can no longer be seen   B. A website that everyone wants to visit

C. A website that does not make a charge            D. A website that has been well prepared


 63. Why did Pete Bennett set up a website on flags?

A. He knew lots of people shared his interest.    

B. He hoped to make a lot of money.

C. A web advertiser wanted to sell flags. 

D. He’d been interested in flags for years.

 64. What word can best replace the word “hits” in paragraph 3?

A. bad effects                   B. beats                                               C. attacks                                 D. visits

65. Why did Pete Bennett accept advertising on his website?

A. To attract more hits.                                        B. To repay the huge fee. 

C. To add more interest.                                                   D. To help him earn some money.

66. Who are the “clients” in paragraph 4 referred to?

A. Interested people                                                         B.  Web page designers          

C. Internet providers                                             D.  Product advertisers

 67. Why do error messages sometimes appear?

A. People make a mistake in their e-mail address.           

B. People try to put too much on the web page.

C. People have used a program incorrectly.        

D. People have clicked on the wrong button.

 68. What comment does Paul make about setting up a website?

A. It is usually fairly easy to do.               B. You must use a good instruction guide.

C. It can be quite complicated.                 D. You should rely on your own skills.

 69. What word can best replace the word “script” in paragraph 5?

A. instruction                    B. picture                                 C. handwriting             D. play

 70. What does Paul’s final sentence suggest about his work?

A. There’s a lot of money to be made in designing websites.   

B. There are far too many websites on the internet.

C. There’s a big chance of becoming unemployed.                  

D. There are more web page designers than necessary.




 F. Xác định từ hoặc cụm từ có gạch chân, cần phải sửa, để câu sau trở thành chính xác:

71. Mr. Fogg suggested that (A) they should wait until the (B) nightfall before taking (C) any action.(D)

72. At half past twelve o'clock (A) the train stopped at (B) Burhampoor where I was able to purchase (C) some Indian slippers, decorated (D) with false pearls.

73. The travellers had a hasty (A) breakfast and started off for (B) the castle, after follow down (C) the bank of a small (D) river.

74. There has been (A) a gradual (B) decrease in the number of murder (C) every year. (D)

75. Maria needs retyping (A) the report before she hands (B) it into (C) the managing (D) director.


G. Xác định câu (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) diễn tả ý đúng nhất so với câu sau:

76. I have not experienced such a hurricane as Chanchu since I was a child.

A. Not since I was a child have I experienced such a hurricane as Chanchu.

B. It was not until a child that I experienced such a hurricane as Chanchu.

C. I hadn’t experienced such a hurricane as Chanchu in my childhood.

D. Since I was a child have I experienced so terrible a hurricane as Chanchu.

77. I did not know what she would say, and I did not care what she would say.

A. I do not know or care what she would say either.         

B. What she would say should not have been known nor cared.

C. What she would say I never know nor care.                  

D. I neither knew nor cared for what she would say.

78. I am as happy as possible at the moment.

A. I couldn’t be happier at the moment.  

B. I am happier than ever before right now.

C. I am as happy at the moment as before.          

D. I used to be happier than at the moment.

79. “You are not allowed to smoke in this room, Ben,” said his sister.

A. Ben’s sister told him off smoking in that room.

B. Ben’s sister told him that he wasn’t allowed to smoke in that room.

C. Ben’s sister told him that he had no allowances to smoke in that room.

D. Ben’s sister allowed him not to smoke in that room.

 80. I’d prefer him not to have said all those embarrassing things about me.

A. I’d not prefer his saying all those embarrassing things about me.

B. I’d prefer him not saying all those embarrassing things about me.

C. His having said all those things about me is preferentially embarrassing.

D. I’d sooner he hadn’t said all those embarrassing things about me.



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