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[Math 5] - Review types of geometry

Cập nhật: 26/2/2021 | 6:14:21 PM

Definition: triangle (tam giác), base (đáy), height (chiều cao), trapezium (hình thang), circle (hình tròn), circumference (chu vi hình tròn), radius (bán kính), area (diện tích), perimeter (chu vi), cuboid (hình hộp chữ nhật), cube (hình lập phương), total surface area (diện tích toàn phần), volume (thể tích).

The basic types of lessons about perimeter, area, volume of geometries send to the students for reference as follows:

🌱 2.1. Find the area of a triangle with base equal 42.5cm and height equal 5.2cm

🌱 2.2. To make a triangular road sign needs 22.4dm2 of metal. Its height is 54cm. Find the corresponding base of the sign.

🌱 2.3. A trapezium has 2 bases: 9.4m and 6.6m; and the height is 10.5m. Find the area in square meter.

🌱 2.4. A trapezium-shaped garden has the average of 2 bases equal 125dm and the height is 150dm. Find the area of the garden in square meter.

🌱 2.5. A circular well has radius equal 3.2dm. Find the circumference of the well.

🌱 2.6. A trapezium-shaped field has the long base equal 150m and the short base equal 3/5 of the long base. The height equals to the average of 2 bases. People grow rice on the field and harvest 65kg of rice in every 100 m2. In total, how many tons of rice can be harvested in the field?

🌱 2.7. Find the total surface area of a cube with its side equal to 7.2dm

🌱 2.8. Cubes with side equal 1cm are used to build a cuboid of 12cm x 8cm x 6cm. How many cubes are needed?

🌱 2.9. Each brick is 30cm long, 20cm wide and 0.5cm high. Each box contains 24 bricks. Find the volume of the box.

🌱 2.10. 960 cubes with side equal 1cm are arranged as a cuboid with 12cm in length and 10cm in width. 6 faces of the cuboid are painted. How many cubes are painted in only 1 face?

Hope they will actively study to achieve the best results.

During the practice, you have any questions, you can inbox or join an online class with Teacher Minh Tuyen.


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